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robert taylor
29-Jan-2018, 17:53
January 24th I posted a question about how to make an internegative (or interpositive), non digitally, of an 8x10 negative that would allow me to make an enlarged "negative print" of an oak tree. I would like to thank xkaes, Bill, Randy, Photonsoup, Koraks, Pau, Martin, Drew, Pere, Nodda, and Chuck for their very useful input. By way of feedback, it might be of interest to some of you to know that as a result of your input I was able to produce a successful internegative/positive by contact that I printed with good results today. I post here not only to thank you all, but also to mention a very helpful article in that regard written by Howard Bond in 2007 which I came upon online by chance. Howard provided a very specific
set of procedures would could be helpful to others in the future. Here's the link to his article: http://phototechmag.com/going-negative/

With gratitude and appreciation,

29-Jan-2018, 22:21
Excellent, good to hear! I'll be sure to do some more of this kind of stuff myself, thanks for the inspiration!

Tin Can
30-Jan-2018, 05:58
Very good. We should watch for Digital only imagers printing in this style. 😎