View Full Version : Need a recommendation for guide service at Navajo Monument Valley

Bruce M. Herman
29-Jan-2018, 00:28
After an absence of about two decades, Iím finally going to return to Navajo Monument Valley. I was very happy with the guide that I had back then, but I suspect that he has retired by now. I would greatly appreciate a recommendation for a guiding service. I plan to have a custom guided tour for a morning and evening or perhaps doing an overnight on Huntís Mesa. Iíll also have some time to drive the road in the park. Iíll be there in mid-March, which isnít ideal, but my schedule is determined by non-photography considerations.


Pat Kearns
30-Jan-2018, 12:52
About 6 years ago I used Fred Cly Adventure Tours for sunrise tours of Monument Valley. Fred did afternoon and overnight tours. I had read positive comments on the internet about him. My wife and I enjoyed our two sunrise tours and recommend Fred highly. We had booked our tours for the middle of the week rather than the weekend and were the only two on the tours. Our tours started around 4:30 am and lasted about 6 hours. This contact info is about 6 years old so you may want to google for a fresh phone number.
Fred Cly Adventure Tours
PO Box 310308
Mexican Hat, UT 84531-0308
Phone 435-419-0465

Bruce M. Herman
31-Jan-2018, 01:07
Thanks! The company is now Fred’s Tours. I’ll give him a call.

Bruce M. Herman
10-Feb-2018, 14:09
It looks like Fred is out of business. This number has been assigned to another person. If you go to the View Hotel's list of guide services, they give this and one other number. The second number is out of service.

I've contacted two guide services, Navajo Spirit Tours and Dinehbekeyah. Does anyone know anything about either of them? Navajo Spirit Tours has several years of recommendations from Trip Advisor, but they are based on conventional tourists rather than photographers.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Kearns
14-Feb-2018, 22:38
I hate hearing Fred is out of business. You couldn't have asked for a better guide.

Eric Leppanen
15-Feb-2018, 13:02
Back in 2003 I hired Tom Phillips to take me on a photo tour including an overnighter on Hunt's Mesa. Sadly Tom passed away a few years ago but I believe his family has kept the business going:


Tom's specialty was photo tours (I think Fred Cly was one of his main competitors). Tom was recommended to me by Bob Hitchman, author of the Photograph America newsletters, and he did a fine job for me. I can't vouch for the company's performance in recent years but the web site seems to retain a photography focus and the Trip Advisor reviews seem to be good.

Steve Sherman
16-Feb-2018, 08:51
Fred Cly is not out of business. I recommended Fred to a friend who took a personal
tour with Fred himself towards the end of January 2018.

Steve Sherman
16-Feb-2018, 10:18
Fred Cly is not out of business. I recommended Fred to a friend who took a personal
tour with Fred himself towards the end of January 2018.

Fred's contact info here. Fredsadventuretours291@gmail.com

If you're a photographer this is the tour to take, Fred is a gentle man who carries on the tradition his father started by taking Ansel Adams and other notables thru the valley in the 1940's