View Full Version : Nikkor-W 360mm

10-Aug-2005, 13:56
Anybody using this lens? I have the opportunity to buy one, but they don't seem that popular here in the US, so I am having trouble finding feedback from people who have shot with it, or sample photos. I would love to see sample images and/or get feedback.


Jeff Morfit
10-Aug-2005, 14:27
I have one that I use on my Tachihara 810GF camera. It has plenty of coverage for 8x10 photography, and produces some very sharp images. I really enjoy using mine.

Ted Harris
10-Aug-2005, 15:25
They are not popular for field work because of their size and weight. Remember that this is one huge lens and if you don't need the maximum aperature there are several other opportunities that have equal or better resolution but are much much lighter .... all acheived by an f9 max. aperature.

Kevin Crisp
10-Aug-2005, 15:52
Except for the size and the weight, it was great. I had one for several years, plenty of coverage and sharp as a tack. If I had to do it over again (and I did have to do it over again after the one I had was stolen) I'd go with the 355 G Claron. Same Copal 3 size shutter but much smaller and lighter glass. I've never had trouble focussing any G Claron despite the smaller maximum aperture. If you're OK with the size and weight of the Nikkor, and you're getting it for a decent price, you won't be disappointed in performance.

Eirik Berger
11-Aug-2005, 00:04
Yes it is heavy (1,420 kg, max apperture 6,5) and yes it performs very well.
I havent found it to heavy, it is mounted on a heavy Calumet C-1 "Black Beast" anyway. I wouldnt notice if the lens were any lighter. I enjoy the large apperture, and I find it very helpful. I donīt have trouble focusing a f9 lens either (I have a APO Ronar 480mm f9) but it is not nearly as comfortable as focusing the Nikkor W. I live in the northern part of Norway and most of the year the light is very "low".
It has a huge image circle (494 mm) and permits a lot of movement, it even works on a 11x14" camera if you want to.
I love the lens, and wouldnīt change it for any other lens in the same focal area. I am in fact looking for its younger brother, a Nikkor W 240mm f5,6 to use as a light wide angle lens.

I havent scanned so many images taken with this lens yet, I am still researcing my new Epson 4990 to get the best results possible. Here is one though: