View Full Version : 127mm f4.7 Tominon coverage

28-Jan-2018, 14:00
Was wondering if this lens, Which has 'Polaroid' written on the shutter face, will cover 4X5, straight on, at infinity, no movements. Or is it only good for the approx. 3X4 format of Polaroid peel apart? Has anyone tried this lens on 4X5?

28-Jan-2018, 14:45
It's been over thirty years but here goes... Tominons were made for the Polaroid MP-4 Copy Camera which if my memory serves me well, the largest piece of art work that the 127mm Tominon would cover on 4x5 film was around 16x20 inches.

28-Jan-2018, 15:03
That coverage is for very close macro imaging. The 127mm Tominon will barely cover 4x5 at infinity straight-on, with some softening in the corners.

28-Jan-2018, 18:15
Isn't the 127/4.7 from the 110a/b cameras? People use those for 4x5 conversions.

Never mind, that's the Ysarex I am thinking of.