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Jeff Morfit
10-Aug-2005, 12:48
Does anyone know where I can purchase an 82mm-86mm step-up ring? I had one on back order from Adorama manufactured by Contax. I got an e-mail from Adorama earlier today saying that they would be unable to fill my order due to the fact that Contax has gone out of business. I have since checked the websites at B&H, Calumet, Schneider (B+W), Hoya, Pro Master, and Tiffen looking for an 82-86 step-up ring without any luck. Could use some help, please.

Thanks for any and all useful input.

10-Aug-2005, 12:55
Go to Ebay and look for a seller named American Eagle.


I'd expect a Contax to be better made but the ones I've bought from American Eagle work just fine.

John Cook
10-Aug-2005, 13:58
Just fell over this by dumb luck. Don't know a thing about them. Any help?


Bob Salomon
10-Aug-2005, 14:01
Heliopan makes a black anodized, very thin, 82 to 86mm step-up ring #700120 which is in stock and can be ordered from any HP Marketing dealer for immediate delivery.

Jeff Morfit
10-Aug-2005, 14:05
Thanks for the information, Nick. They had one for sale that I just bought. The e-mail from Adorama was the first time that I heard that Contax had folded.