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25-Jan-2018, 23:15
I was lucky enough to be the bts photographer for a short film. Here is how they turned out!


Has anyone else here done any bts? It was a pretty amazing creative environment to be a part of and wound up being a lot of fun. They even bought film to work with!

All Hasselblad X-Pan and Hasselblad 500cm.

MIke Sherck
26-Jan-2018, 13:23
Looks like you had a lot of fun. What made you select large format for this project?


26-Jan-2018, 17:18
Yeah it was a blast--it was very much a learning set too, so people could experiment with different roles as well, so I got to do a little sound work as well as making pictures.

The director wanted to have the bts photographs on film as a way to differentiate them as well as call back the connection that motion picture film has with physical celluloid. We are going to have a gallery show along with the screening of the film, so people will be able to see what went into making it. It was more of a risk, but the director and producers were exited about the idea of shooting on film which helped.

peter schrager
26-Jan-2018, 21:09
nice photos!!!

peter schrager
26-Jan-2018, 21:18
Alex all the work on the website is nice

27-Jan-2018, 23:17
Thanks! I've spent a lot of time on it recently trying to make it look good.

peter schrager
28-Jan-2018, 00:01
Thanks! I've spent a lot of time on it recently trying to make it look good.
it's already good..the pictures speak for themselves!

John Layton
28-Jan-2018, 06:49
I did stills for "Return to Salem's Lot" (a Larry Cohen film) years ago, and lots of theater work...but wish I'd done more truly "behind the scenes" photos like you have. Nice work!