View Full Version : Large Print - Presoak? Brush Dev?

John Layton
25-Jan-2018, 11:34
Going to test my homemade "fill and dump" single-tray system for printing 30x40's - and am thinking that I'll need to do a presoak to both tame the dry paper curl (paper cut from roll) and also promote evenness of development. Been years since I've presoaked paper for any reason - and if anyone can chime in on a time-frame for this, and/or regarding its efficacy in addressing my specific concerns...that would be great!

Also - It would be really convenient if I could use my Hake brush during the development step...and am thinking that if I'm really careful to do this gently, I won't have problems with print surface scratching. While I typically agitate my 20x30's by sweeping gently with gloved hands, I've never tried a brush to do this. Again...any comments would be most welcome...Thanks!