View Full Version : Adox CMS 20 4x5 Anyone tried it?

Colin Howarth
24-Jan-2018, 14:50

I've taken up LF photography again (after a hiatus of 12 years! Ouch! How time flies)

... and I've discovered some film hidden in my FP4+ box that isn't FP4+ ! :o I suspect it may be CMS 20 (or SPUR Orthopan, as it used to be called) It just has a corner clipped off. Is that the correct "edge marking"? The datasheet doesn't say.

I hope that's it - because I took a fantastic (I thought :-) portrait on it in 35 mm years ago (Contax RTS II / Zeis 85/1.4) and it'd be fun in 4x5. I recently got an Epson Perfection V850 Pro - and with this film scanning at 6400 makes sense. Not entirely sure what to do with a 16 bit 800 Mpixel file though... perhaps recreate the scene from Bladerunner? :o


24-Jan-2018, 15:55
It might not be exposed. I would think if it's blank it would be in its original box.

Colin Howarth
24-Jan-2018, 17:03
? It's not exposed. It's in a black paper bag, which is inside the Ilford box, along with the FP4+'s plastic bag.

Anyway, to be clear, the question is "what is the edge/corner pattern on 4x5 CMS 20 film?"