View Full Version : C41 mistake mixing , trying to figure out development time

24-Jan-2018, 12:50
Inadvertently mixed Unicolor developer in 800ml and added 200ml at the end but forgot about compensating for the amount of fluid. The end result was 1100ml.

Can I compensate for this successfully or is c41 really that fickle.

24-Jan-2018, 16:17
You will hardly notice the difference even if you don't adjust the development time; contrast will be slightly reduced, but odds are it won't affect the results all that much, especially when scanning the negatives. You could try to increase the development time to something like 3m30s. If you want to be sure, expose some short bits of 35mm film and develop them at 3m15s, 3m30s and 3m45s, and then print them on ra4 paper (if you have the stuff to do so) or scan the film and see if you get away with it. Odds are you'll be fine.

25-Jan-2018, 23:37
I'm very surprised it increased the volume by 10%. That seems like an awful lot, but I cant say as I've measured before.