View Full Version : Kachel's SLIMT technique with HP5 and D23?

21-Jan-2018, 16:50
Does anyone have experience with this film/dev combination and SLIMT technique that he or she would lie to share? I came across Kachel's articles in an old reference notebook of mine, and since I'm interested in handling long-range subjects with my adopted combo, I'd be interested in:

1. Starting points for bleach dilutions and times for various N-minuses
2. Film speed maintenance or loss. I generally shoot HP5 at 200, which seems to work with DD23 for N-2 as well.

Kachel, as well as forum members such as Doremus Scudder have noted that the watchword is test, test, test. I'm ready to do so, but thought I might get a jump on it. I have looked through the previous posts I could find; I didn't come across info specifically relating to this combo.