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David A. Goldfarb
9-Aug-2005, 20:31
I recently picked up an 8x10" Sinar P with the heavy Special Standard Bearer on the rear, and I understand from the manual that the red, green, and black alignment dots correspond to 8x10, 5x7, and 4x5 format frames, respectively, but on mine I've also got a red circle about a cm left of the red dot on the shift scale and in line with the red dot on the rise/fall scale, but it's not mentioned in the instruction manual. Anyone know what the red circle is for? I thought horizontal/vertical, but I don't think the centering changes when I rotate the back.

tor kviljo
10-Aug-2005, 01:27
Its some time since I had the 8x10 set for my P, but I belive I had to shift rear standard a little when mounting the 8x10 set for both 8x10 & (front) 4x5 format-frames to be aligned. There is supposed to be a detent for zero position of 8x10 format frame. There is no change of image centering when changing GG-back from V to H position within the format frame, so it have nothing to do with that. Enjoy Your set-up! The 8x10 sinar P set-up is heavy, so after having used it briefly, I exchanged it for a easier to carry but still heavy 8x10 Norma set up. Last try now is to get the weight down by making a wooden 8"x10" conversion set (wooden format frame & wooden spring-back) to mount on my 4"x5" Sinar P. Should bring the veight of a Sinar P 8x10 down to just a pound or so over the 4x5 version. Glennview sells wooden 8x10 sinar P conversion set, so it ought to be doable... Good luck anyway!

Struan Gray
10-Aug-2005, 02:20
It's the zero detent for shift with IR films :-)

Jerry Flynn
10-Aug-2005, 07:52
I sold my heavy duty 8X10 standard bearer, so I can't check for sure, but I do not believe mine had the circles you describe. One thought -- it may not be valid -- the red dot is for the standard (old style) 8X10 back and the circle is for the meter back version (which is larger).

Armin Seeholzer
10-Aug-2005, 15:28
Hi David

I have only the normal bearer on the back but I just looked up on my write up from Sinar and there is a part about the strong bearer and its stated thad he has some aditional brake for vertiacal and horizontal and the have to be make loose before you turn the back or thilt it etc. otherwise it would be not good for the transmission and maybe it just is for to remember to loose it first, could that be?
Just an idea!

David A. Goldfarb
10-Aug-2005, 23:06
Thanks folks, but still not quite the answer I'm looking for.

I'm aware of the additional lock for the swing and wondered why it was necessary, but indeed, if you use rear swing with a wide lens and normal bellows and then try to tilt, it is possible for the swing setting to get thrown out of alignment, hence the extra screw lock. That's not what this extra detent is for though.

I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the metering back vs. the regular back.