View Full Version : Schneider Xenotar 135mm f3.5

Walter E. Kurtz
20-Jan-2018, 18:53
Hello All... Just bought my first 4x5 lens, a Schneider 135mm f3.5, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the rear lens cap size of this lens is? Also, I find that the lever to open the lens for focusing is quite hard to push down in order to open the lens. The aperture and shutter rings are also showing a medium level of resistance. Is it possible to correct these problems at home, and if so, how? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

20-Jan-2018, 19:52
I'd measure the rear element OD of mine but it's in a camera and not easily accessible at the moment. I'm sure someone else will tell you.

Sounds like yours might need some service. They are very nice lenses but limited with a small image circle. I would not suggest trying to fix that yourself.

Walter E. Kurtz
20-Jan-2018, 20:49
Will measure the outer diameter. I'm a former Samys Camera Los Angeles employee, and I used to clean and check these lenses in the rental department there, long, long ago, but after researching the Web, I'm not interested in learning how to cla them anymore... I'd rather shoot, so I will be bringing it in for service. Thanks Again, Corran.