View Full Version : Graphic examples of Extreme Minimal Agitation

Steve Sherman
19-Jan-2018, 19:00
Bethel Quarry, VT. Please disregard, Moderator please remove this thread, the scan has been reduced to such a small file no detail is evident.

This maybe the most dramatic example of Extreme Minimal Agitation Ive ever produced. Hopefully the compression of this form will not degrade the Jpeg when viewed on a full size monitor @ 100 % the tanning effects of PyroCat HD and Minimal Agitation technique are brought to life by hazy sunlight from the side revealing the drillings and striations of the granite face quarry.
7x17 Ilford FP 4 film 600mm Fuji lens @ about 1/4 mile away. exposed @ f 22 and Semi-Stand processed in PyroCat HD for 26 minutes.
Direct greyscale scan @ 180 dpi contrast corrected with no sharpening whatsoever.

26-Jan-2018, 05:11
Instead of deleting the post, perhaps you could provide some crops to show the details?

David Schaller
26-Jan-2018, 18:49
Or upload to a remote server that would show more detail.