View Full Version : need advice... streaks on my negatives

19-Jan-2018, 06:39
I need your advice, please...
I yesterday developed some 8x10 Fomapan 200 negatives in my JOBOdrum 4530 ( fitted with 2 negatives ).
Developer was Adonal 1 + 50 , fixer Adofix 1 + 9 ( quite fresh - fixed about 10 8x10 sheets before ) - fixing time about 6 minutes plus as decribed in Adofix manual.
I processed the films rotating the drum and filled with 250 ml liquid ( as described in Jobo manual )
The negatives have blueish streaks/ foggy parts ... never had this problem before.
What went maybe wrong?

Fred L
19-Jan-2018, 06:47
did you presoak the film ?

Jim Jones
19-Jan-2018, 07:49
Inadequate fixing can cause streaks with the color of the anti-halation layer. Refixing and washing usually helps in that case. However, that would not account for both light and dark streaks. This link https://www.photrio.com/forum/threads/adofix-p-fixer-need-some-help.121135/ has conflicting information on what may be the OP's fixer. Ten sheets of 8x10 seems to be nearly the recommended limit for a liter of this product. Nice photograph. I hope you can salvage it.

19-Jan-2018, 11:03
Adofix is afaik recommended to be used 1+10 for paper and 1+5 for film. Running 10 sheets of 8x10 through 250ml of fixer means running it very close to capacity. Taking that into account, 6 minutes is on the short side, even with fomapan, which in my experience fixes out within 2 minutes using 1+5 adofix. The antihalation dye takes a couple of minutes after fixing to wash out completely.

Jim Noel
19-Jan-2018, 11:49
250 ml of developer as well as fix,is insufficient to process 2 sheets of 8x10.

25-Jan-2018, 07:14
Thanks for your ideas...! I have the impression that the only reason was the amount of liquid... contrary to the description in the JoBo manual 250 ml ( which was described as minimum ) isn't sufficiant, indeed ( > Jim Noel ). I refixed the film and could solve the "problem".

25-Jan-2018, 09:19
I've had 'cloudy areas' on some 8x10 negs processed in a jobo pro drum and beseler motor base

I've tried re-fixing to no avail

strangely.. they only appear on 8x10 FP4 negs .. if I develop 5x7 FP4 in with the 8x10..only the 8x10 is affected