View Full Version : Repairing Toyo Bag Bellows

18-Jan-2018, 07:52
I picked up a used bag bellows for my Toyo 810M that worked for a bit, but something has happened with the internal structure that it no longer retains its shape and sags into the image. I've attached an image of the insides of the bellows. The coil that is sewn into the bellows has come loose and I can't for the life of me figure out how it is supposed to attach. Anyone have one of these they could take a picture of?


15-Nov-2018, 10:09
Checking back in to see if anyone as an 810 bag bellows they could send me a picture of.


Neal Chaves
16-Nov-2018, 10:07
I have used a Toyo 810M for years and never felt the need for a bag bellows. The factory bellows (mine long replaced to same specs with Western Bellows) is tapered like a press and view camera. I have no problem using the 150mm SW Nikkor with adequate rise or the 120mm SW Nikkor. The latter does not permit displacement on 8X10 in any case. Perhaps on a Toyo monorail 8X10 with a normal bellows longer than on the M one might need one. I have an 810G as well, but I use the same tapered bellows as the M and again have no need for a bag.

16-Nov-2018, 11:04
Here's a phot on my Toyo 810MII bag bellows:


It's constructed using a fine leather and there are no springs or coils - just mounted on the two end plates in the usual fashion.


19-Nov-2018, 12:28
Thanks Thomas, my bellows are definitely not fine leather.

Neal, the pleats in my standard bellows often sag and sometimes that interferes with the image. Im not using the bag bellows to accommodate a wider lens only as an alternative to the somewhat deformed standard bellow since I already have it on hand. Of course, the problem Im having with the internal supports makes the bag bellows subject to the same problems as the standard, that is why I wanted to see if someone with a similar bellows could show me how theirs was put together. I guess Ill just stick with the standard and see if I can't hold the bellows out during exposure.