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Drew Wiley
15-Jan-2018, 18:36
The local news just reported that parking at Muir Woods is now on a mandatory reservation system up to six months in advance. I knew that it was coming, but it might not apply to week days in off-season months. But I never park there anyway. There are plenty of quiet places to explore in the vicinity, or you can hike in from above. Then, of course, you could catch one of those sardine can buses in Sausalito.

John Kasaian
15-Jan-2018, 19:30
Six months---j-j-just for parking? Yikes!

Drew Wiley
15-Jan-2018, 20:05
No big deal really, unless it's on a weekend, when people often park up to a mile away anyway. I just don't like nearly running over them rounding a curve and seeing them right in the middle of the road. There's a lovely trail along the creek all the way from Muir Beach with very few people on it. I just posted this because so many people seem to think Muir Woods is a "must see" in the Bay Area. I haven't been there in over 20 yrs, and never have taken a picture there. There are plenty of other options nearby without the crowds.

17-Jan-2018, 12:59
Took my visiting nephew up to the redwoods yesterday -- went to one of the most popular spots up here. We got a relaxing start from home and drove for about an hour -- last 8 miles is a windy narrow dirt road through the redwoods then along the beach. A couple of stream crossings, but we have not had much rain. One other car at the parking lot at the end of the road. We had Fern Canyon to ourselves for most of the time, with more folks showing up as we were leaving. Not too bad -- though still busier than when I first started to photographically explore the place 40 years ago. I made a couple of exposures up in the Canyon with the 11x14 -- my nephew is 100% digital.

Here is an older image from there -- a 4x10- negative printing using the carbon process. One of the images yesterday was a closer up view of a similar wall with water coming down it.

Kirk Fry
17-Jan-2018, 20:43
Go to Big Basin instead. Secret redwood forest North of Santa Cruz. (Muir had something to do with this one too).

Drew Wiley
17-Jan-2018, 21:41
Secret ??.... Since when?

18-Jan-2018, 22:55
When we visited in Aug 17 we drove down to Muir Beach and then back out via the Muir Redwoods, I could not believe how many people were there, carpark was full and cars all down the road. We had no plans to stop in know this was going to be the case and that we would see plenty of Redwoods as we headed north.