View Full Version : Where can I find 24" Rail for Linhof Kardan 45s?

8-Aug-2005, 23:35
My apologies, I mistyped my previous post. I'm attempting to locate a source for a 24" rail for a Linhof Kardan 45s.

Can anyone help on this?



Bob Salomon
9-Aug-2005, 03:04
If you are looking for a spare rail for a 45S Linhof never made them as the rail is a fixed length one.
If you are looking for one for a B or the original Super Color these have been out of production for 15 or 20 years and are only available used.
If you need the profile rail from the SC JBL they are no longer made also.
If you need the Telescoping rails these are currently made as is the rail for the Kardan M.