View Full Version : Marshall's retouching fluid - how stable?

John Layton
14-Jan-2018, 14:53
Recently ran out of my old "Spot-tone" fluids and have replaced with Marshall's equivalents...and more recently noticed on two of my larger (20x30) prints...that some areas (small spots) that I'd retouched with this newer fluid are becoming faintly visible - kind of a pinkish color. Anybody else noticed this? Am I doing something wrong? Kind of bummed about this!

Drew Wiley
14-Jan-2018, 16:30
It is Spot Tone. They bought the company.

Drew Wiley
14-Jan-2018, 16:33
Pinkish? Is this happening in areas you selectively bleached? The reduced silver would explain it, but it has nothing to do with the spotting dyes. I've been using them alongside older SpotTone bottles for quite awhile - exactly the same.

15-Jan-2018, 07:36
I highly recommend finding a Grumbacher B&W retouching kit like in the attached image. They show up on that auction site every now and then. I picked up an unopened one for under $10.00 a short while back. Have used them since around 1980 in-lieu of Spot-tone per the advice of a professional photo retoucher. Was told they were better than Spot-tone... Another thing that I was told and follow 100% is to use distilled water instead of saliva to wet and mix the dried pigments. "Saliva contains organic compounds that can discolor in time".