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14-Jan-2018, 04:30
Dear Folks,

I was offered a Voigtländer Euryscop IVa No. 5, about 46cm/f7 brass lens. I tested that one on a 40x50cm camera yesterday for the first time and it seemed that the lens covers the format at infinity. Since bad weather I couldn't try this outside with a 'real' infinity focus.
1/ Does anyone have experience with the IVa series and knows if 40x50cm is covered by the lens?
2/ What price would you consider ok? The lens has no flange and a bigger scratch on the front lens...

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

14-Jan-2018, 09:34
I have no experience of that lens but Pacific Rim Camera have a pdf of a Voigtlander price list and in that Voigtlander says 11 x 14 inches is the plate size for that lens.


14-Jan-2018, 23:36
Ah this one is great Rob, thank you... Well 11x14 is too little but maybe stopped down it will work on 16x20", who knows.


Steven Tribe
15-Jan-2018, 03:08
The series IVa is from 1905 and the German catalogue shows very different coverage - without giving data for "fully open" and "small stops".

The no. 5, focal length 46cm and 36mm opening is recommended for just 18x24cm,

No. 10 - at focal length of 137cm - is for 40x50cm.

I wouldn't take these catalogue coverages seriously, though!

We cannot comment on specific value of items. The IVa and VIIa series were short lived - that is, uncommon - but this doesn't really influence value. You can no longer get an idea of value from completed ebay sales as similar items appear so infrequently. The professional/semi-professional listers (With a few exceptions) are mostly in denial about the true value of their items and the same lenses are listed week after week, month after month and year after year.

You can get a better idea from sales in the for sale thread here. Again, we now have our share of "denial" sellers these days, but there are plenty of realistic prices. Don't look for the IV a, but for the series IV, V and VI with similar focal lengths.

15-Jan-2018, 23:06
Dear Steven, thanks for your opinion. Well I noticed some differences in the catalogues, too. But what I can say is that the lens I tested has more of a 50mm opening with a focal length of ca. 46cm. Maybe there existed different versions within IVa?! Well I have to try that lens and hope it will cover the format, I am hoping to find a wide angle lens for 40x50cm, if anyone has some to offer!

Steven Tribe
16-Jan-2018, 02:33
There is, indeed, another version of the IVa. I looked for the 46cm fl version. This first series is from 1901and can have an iris or WHS.

This no. 5 has 43.2cm focal length and the front lens diameter is 67mm. Coverage at F12.5 is given as 24x30cm.

16-Jan-2018, 11:33
I have a Euryscop IV (without the a) #5 lens. Mine will cover 11x14, but fall short of 12x20 in the corners.