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13-Jan-2018, 22:12
I recently purchased a used condition Jobo 3005 off the auction site and received it in the mail today. The packaging was obviously reused and arrived with a big dent in the box so I was kind of upset because these expert drums seem fragile. Prior to placing my bid I asked the seller about the condition of the item and he verified that it was in working condition (no leaks) but that it shows use.

As I was inspecting the Jobo 3005 for damage from shipping I noticed this (see photos attached) Inside the drum slots where the film goes about half way down there is a bump and when I looked at the lid I noticed one area looked melted or epoxied.





When I rotate the drum I also hear a piece of plastic rattling around but I honestly don't know where it might have come from. I don't see any major dents or cracks anywhere...


I kind of waited all week for this and now I'm kind of bummed. Should I return this or just deal with it? Not only is the drum expensive but 8x10 film is as well...I just don't want to risk development problems. I'm wondering if I should just return this and spend the money and buy it new from Freestyle (or Catlabs if it's in stock) If you were me what would you do?

Keith Pitman
13-Jan-2018, 22:35
I would see if it holds water without leaking. Fill the tubes with water, put it in a tray with a paper towel under the drum, and see if the towel is wet or dry the next morning. As far as the rattle, that doesn’t sound good. If you can remove the bottom of the drum without damaging it, you can see what falls out. Otherwise you may be able to get the rattling part to fall out through one of the ports in the bottom. Good luck. I’d tend to be conservative in deciding whether or not to keep it.

13-Jan-2018, 23:05
Thanks for the advice Keith. I just filled the each slot of the Jobo 3005 to the top with water and laid it on it's side and rotated it until the excess water poured out. (to get as much water in the drum as possible while still laying on it's side) And as I was drying the tank off to put in a tray for next day inspection I noticed the bottom of the drum continued to drip water.

Looks like I will be returning this to the seller :(

Thank you again for the advice. It's much appreciated!

14-Jan-2018, 04:56
Return it and get a new one while you are still able.

Fred L
14-Jan-2018, 13:26
When u say bottom of the drum, do you mean an individual film cylinder or the actual bottom which has slots for water to enter and drain ? I would stand it upright and fill each cylinder to the top if I really wanted to see if they were water tight.

The epoxy is likely because a retaining tab has broken off and it probably wouldn't bother me tbh. Unless the leak was prodigious, I would be tempted to keep it, esp if you got it at a really good price.

15-Jan-2018, 01:04

Filled them all up with water and a few minutes later one chamber started draining.

Fred L
15-Jan-2018, 07:08
wow. def send back.

and keep all communications with the seller, on ebay's message system as they monitor everything. Don't take it to email. and if you make efforts to work with the seller to correct this issue, ebay should look favorably upon that if push comes to shove.

good luck

Jim Galli
15-Jan-2018, 13:26
Wish someone would reproduce these at a non-crazy price.

Chauncey Walden
16-Jan-2018, 11:45
There you go, Jim. Get those little green men working on it.

Paul Ewins
16-Jan-2018, 16:24
I have had exactly the same issue with a leaky 3010 in the past (first thread) and it was pretty simple to fix (second thread). The tubes inside the drum are made in two halves which are glued together and it had split along that seam. A small application of solvent style plastic cement (MEK) was enough to fix the problem. I needed to remove the bottom of the drum to get better access and find the rattling part which turned out to be a spacer that sits at the bottom of the tubes keeping them all the correct distance apart. If you have had any experience with building plastic models in the past then this will be no trouble at all. I don't see an issue with the lid, that is probably just to keep a loose cup in place.

Whether to fix or return is a question I can't answer. Once fixed it will be functionally identical to a new one albeit possible requiring the same simple fix again at some unspecified time in the future.