View Full Version : Anyone recognize this lens mount?

Mark Sampson
13-Jan-2018, 21:58
While unpacking from our move, I dug into my wife's family photography trove. There were several (non-LF) treasures, and this lens. The Kodak Anastigmat 203/7.7 is a well-known optic; when coated it was known as an Ektar. This one has a low serial number and an unusual ring on the front. I thought that it might have been meant for her grandfather's 2x3 RB Graflex SLR (part of the trove). But that camera's lens has a four-screw flange, while this lens' flange is a five-holer. Both camera and lens look to be from the 1930s. Has anyone seen one quite like this before?

14-Jan-2018, 04:58
The mount reminds me strongly of another lens, used for s.c. Torpedo camera (used by the U.S. army for torpedo attacks training in WWII, see google about it). That camera used a British lens Ross. Maybe your lens was for a similar purpose, just a guess, an association.

Dan Fromm
14-Jan-2018, 06:06
I have one just like that. The lens is intended to be used in a process camera, its front screws into a prism or, perhaps, a mirror box.

Mark Sampson
14-Jan-2018, 20:52
Not really surprised that Mr. Fromm had a likely answer. There's no telling how my wife's father got hold of it- he was a WWII fighter pilot, and an avid photographer and photo teacher through his life. So the lens has reached memento status now- no real use for it, so a historical artifact it will be. His father's Graflex and his Kodak Chevron 620 will see a little use, though.

Dan Fromm
15-Jan-2018, 05:16
It is a good lens, Mark. If it will focus on the Graflex you should try it out.

Jim Galli
15-Jan-2018, 13:46
Before you put it in the bean box on a wall somewhere with other memento's consider that Chris Perez tested (http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html#180mm_thru_270mm) one of these uncoated Kodak 7.7 Anastigmats and achieved 73 line pairs per millimeter at f16. An astonishing number. They beg to be used. Here's a triptych I made with one many years ago of the Pahranagat river N. E. of Las Vegas NV.


Mark Sampson
16-Jan-2018, 10:42
Jim, a beautiful triptych; I'd love to see the original print.
I did have a 203/7.7 Ektar for a while, liked it, but foolishly sold it to a forum member.
Maybe I'll rig up a lens board to fit this one on my 3x4 Speed Graphic, just to see.