View Full Version : Looking for a Sinar F2 repair manual

13-Jan-2018, 19:17
I'm currently searching for a Sinar F2 repair manual, not the, "how to use your camera," but the repair manual. Most of the old links are dead.

13-Jan-2018, 19:54
The only one I've found is this one:

- Leigh

Drew Wiley
14-Jan-2018, 16:37
I didn't know there ever were published repair manuals. But if you describe your problem, maybe someone can walk you through it.

14-Jan-2018, 18:12
Yup!!!! thats the one. Thanks heaps will commit to HDD.

Drew Wiley
14-Jan-2018, 18:42
If you need to get the front or rear frames apart you'll need a special thin-rimmed metric nutdriver. McMaster has them.