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ronald lamarsh
7-Aug-2005, 21:39
I'm having trouble getting my negatives calibrated to this paper. I'm using a V54 coldlite with polymax filters but instead of my normal neg dev of rodinal 1+50 and 9 min for Ilford MGIV I've had to go to 1+25 and 9min but Z8 prints white and Z5 is perfect. Anybody else had these problems? Should i change my dev dilution back to 1+50 and exrend my times?

ronald moravec
8-Aug-2005, 09:16
I would buy some Ilford filters as you will need them eventually. Kodak will work, but you don`t know how even the grade separations are and the V54 compresses the high grade separations. You will get the full range, but 2/3 is a big jump as are 3/4 and 4/5.

If you calibrate to Kodak and need to replace them, you may need to get Ilford ones in the future.
One option is to calibrate with no filter as a #2.

Anyway cut the time to less than 9 using 1:25 or extend using 1:50. Or use some other dilution of your choice like 1:40. Nothing sacred about 25,50,100. I use 1:45 with HC110 because it does what I want it to do.

ronald lamarsh
9-Aug-2005, 11:10
Thank you I will get some ilford filters first!

ronald lamarsh
11-Aug-2005, 20:03
Just got a response from the folks at J&C: John there says, " that due to the high silver content of the paper if used with a very dilute developer there can be a contrast loss due to developer depletion". sounds plausible to me. Also his results using Ilford filters pretty well jive with mine and polymax i.e. #4 filter gives about a grade three contrast. According to John ilford and kodak redesigned their filters sometime ago to match their products particular response curves. Exciting news is that J&C has plans soon to come out with their own set of filters to more closely match most of the papers they market.