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John Kasaian
7-Aug-2005, 20:46
Hi everyone!

Has anyone here shot at Kalauapapa on Molokai? I understand Damien Tours has the monopoly on access to the site and I'd be making arraingements through them for access, both out of respect for the patients as well as for overnight accomodations---don't want to rush this opportunity! I discussed my plans with the "Mule Man" but my 8x10 kit will be too much for his mules on that steep trail, so I'll have to fly in on Paramount or take a boat(? is there one?)

My big concerns are getting my film to Hawaii and back without getting toasted in the x-ray machines. My thoughts are to send the film to and from Maui via Fedex, take empty holders and load them there, maybe even a Unicolor too, and process them in the hotel. Also, when is the best likely wind -free time to visit Kalauapapa?


David A. Goldfarb
7-Aug-2005, 21:11
I've been to Moloka'i twice now and have hiked down to Kalaupapa and done the tour with Richard Marks of Damien Tours. You can fly in (easiest) if you don't want to hike or take the mule, or you can probably get one of the guys that leads boat tours on the "backside" of the island to get you there by boat, with permission of Richard Marks and the rangers on the site.

There is a LF photographer (name escapes me at the moment, but you can find the book easily on Moloka'i) who has published a book about Kalaupapa, so it is possible, but I wouldn't do it as a tourist. Just take the tour and bring a hand camera the first time. Talk with Richard Marks and feel him out about it.

Moloka'i is a wonderful place, but part of the reason it's stayed the way it has is because the locals have an uneasy relationship with tourism, so tread lightly.

David A. Goldfarb
7-Aug-2005, 21:17
Generally, the winds are stronger in the winter, but it's not going to be wind free any time of the year.

Just carry your film on the plane. I do it all the time, and I'm doing it again this week. They haven't usually X-rayed for inter-island flights, but I haven't been back in about a year, so that could have changed by now.

John Kasaian
8-Aug-2005, 19:25
Thanks for the info!