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9-Jan-2018, 03:07
I recently bought what looks like a brand new rodenstock sironar N 135mm in a prontor press 1 shutter. It was a really good buy and the seller did tell me the shutter was sticking. Slightly incorrect, it was sticking and the aperture ring was stuck fast, but it all looked unused. I wasn't too concerned, I had done a bit of homework and knew the lens elements would swap straight into a copal 0 shutter, or so I thought. The front element fits a copal 1 and the rear element fits a copal 0??
Any ideas on a substitute shutter would be well appreciated.

Pere Casals
9-Jan-2018, 03:46
Size 1 shutters have the back cell thread smaller that the front one. Front size is M40-0.75 , Back size is M36-0.75, this is for Copal 1, Compur 1 and Prontor 1...



The "press" variant cocks and fires with the same lever, so it always fires...

So if front is M42 and back is M36 any size 1 shutter should work.

Be aware that if a shim is there you have to move it to the new shutter. Some Rodenstock lenses may have one or more shims to get an optimal inter-cell distance for the particular sample, I don't know if N-135mm lenses may include the shim.

If you don't want to perform a CLA you may try to spray inside pure ether to clean it a bit, it is not a pro way, but before you throw it you can try that.

9-Jan-2018, 04:41
135mm Sironar-N in a #1 shutter? Usually these lenses fit a #0 shutter. If you're speaking of Prontor Professional 01S shutters, these were actually #1 shutters, but had factory fitted adapters for #0 cells. And this shutter is a gem that's worth getting repaired. I had a set of them that I wish I hadn't, but I needed the cash at that time.


9-Jan-2018, 05:02
Hi Pere and B.S. Kumar, thankyou for your prompt replies and research. Yes Pere, I was a bit timid about going near the lens I have big hands and could bend something, but after closer inspection it did have a sleeve to accommodate the prontor front mount. B.S. it was just the low end shutter, the aperture ring was stuck fast and wont budge no matter the force applied. I had planned for it to be useless and had a copal 0 waiting. Cost me $99.99 for a Sironar N 135mm, so I am a happy chappy at the moment, thanks guys