View Full Version : Lenses from S. Korea, shipped to the US? Any duties or import hassles.

8-Jan-2018, 22:30
Have you ordered a lens or other gear from S. Korea? How did it go?

As a comparison, Iím reading that buying lenses from Japan ó especially when shipped via EMS to the US ó goes smoothly and without any import duties or other fees. How about Korea?

Has anyone purchased from Korea and had it shipped to US via EMS? Did you encounter any customs/imports/duties issues or additional fees?

Iím thinking of ordering a lens very soon and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

PS: wonder if the import rules and fees, even for a private buyer, are based on the US agreement with the source country. Are th agreements with S. Korea different than Japan?

9-Jan-2018, 00:17
There are no import duties charged by U.S. Those mostly are a way for other governments to gouge their citizens. I once bought a camera on ebay that came from a Korean seller and had no problems--it was just like buying from someone in Nebraska. I've bought stuff from people in a lot of countries and have had no problems. I generally avoid Nigeria etc. though.

Kent in SD

9-Jan-2018, 22:28
Hi Kent,

Thanks. Agreed on the rest. The seller says they can ship EMS. Sadly, they kindly tested the lens, but it is measured as being a whole stop slow. I wonder if a CLA can help it gain half a stop.