View Full Version : Need help identifying a couple of Linhof compendium lens hoods + parts

John Schneider
3-Jan-2018, 12:44
I found a box of several Linhof compendiums that I bought for some forgotten project. Can someone help identify which cameras they go to please?

The first is the type that I used for my much-loved Technikardan I had many years ago, so I assume that is the intended use, but can't be sure. The second is a different type that I've never seen in use; it also uses a round rod; I thought Linhof always used a square rod, turned 45 deg. The last two are parts 0580272, which are some sort of compendium mount to a camera body, but I've never seen this type either. Thanks!

Bob Salomon
3-Jan-2018, 12:57
The one for the TK is for either version of the TK. The part in the bag with the two plug-in rods is for a Technika.
Old compendiums from Linhof used a round rod. That was replaced with a square silver colored rod. That was replaced with the current smaller size black square rods.

You must have the correct compendium bellows and camera adapter for the rod set that you have. The round rods and the old silver colored rods will not fit the current bellows and camera adapters, and vice versa.

Basically sets were available for Technika, TK and Kardan cameras. Each used a different set of rods and the Technika one had the push-in adapter that plugs into the two holes on the top of the front standard.
The TK and Kardan both used a camera adapter that mounted to the accessory shoe on the front standard of these cameras.
However the height from the top of the various front standards and the mounting position varied on these cameras so, even though they all used the same bellows, the set of rods differed to position the bellows in the correct position on each camera type. So a compendium for the TK has different parts for the one for the Kardan which has different parts then the one for the Technika.
If you go to the Linhof web site and look at the price list, under the parts section, you will find the various types and catalog numbers. But only for the current black square rod system.

Linhof makes several different compendiums.the second non bag one that you posted appears to be an older Kardan type which uses larger rods then the current one.

John Schneider
3-Jan-2018, 13:00
Thank you Bob! I knew you'd know everything about these!