View Full Version : Rack & Pinion == What?

31-Dec-2017, 16:27
Are rack & pinion focus lenses common as taking lenses,
or are they as I suspect projection lenses?

Dan Fromm
31-Dec-2017, 16:32
Most common on projection lenses but way back when taking lenses had rack and pinion focus too.

31-Dec-2017, 16:39
Probably both, because if you ever used a large old portrait camera, the fine focus is not so smooth/precise (as you are pulling/pushing the standards/bellows with the wobble/resistance inherent), so much easier just to final focus the lens...

Steve K (2017, and counting...)

31-Dec-2017, 16:50
Yes, I have and have used an 8x10 studio camera but have not found it necessary to futz with fine focus provided by a rack focusing device. My loss perhaps.

Thanks to Dan and Steve for clarifying the issue.