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30-Dec-2017, 20:14
Hello everyone;
I'm looking for some input with regards to the lens / shutter for this camera. It originally belonged to my Great Aunt and has since been handed down to me. My problem is that the shutter is clearly dragging and I only have limited experience so am hesitant to get in ripping and tearing so to speak. In the pics below you can see the general condition of the camera, a bit of a close up of the lens/shutter, one of the back side of the lens board and one with the rear element removed. The problem seems to be that a) the lens is screwed in and apparently not held by a retainer ring, and b) there is a bit of wear on the shutter leaves and c) I too scared to really reef on it. So I'd like to get this cleaned and adjusted (if it can be) if only to take a couple of studio shots to say it still works. Complicating this is that I live in Canada so have to be cognizant of shipping/ duty and related problems. That said I will be heading down to the Arizona area in March so could drop it or pick it up somewhere. So with all of this are any of you folks out there familiar with how things were mounted in this camera and / or is there a best place that it might be sent. I was originally thinking sending just the lens/shutter but if it's the only solution I would consider sending the entire camera.
To really push my luck - when this camera came to me it had only one of the original 4x5 film holders (no idea how light proof) that looks like it might work and 3 others in pieces! Any chance anyone out there know where there might be a couple more?


30-Dec-2017, 20:15

Steven Tribe
31-Dec-2017, 04:19
As mentioned in another recent thread, these shutters were never that reliable and any amount of overhaul will not garantee any improvement! But there are plenty of shutters/lenses available for these lightweight cameras. THe camera is in very nice "family heirloom" condition! Getting extra plate holders is possible. Be cautious - as Rochester "Premo" and Rochester "Poco" used different light trap systems!

I enclose an extract from the 1898 catalogue on the no.3 model, which was only made in the 4x5" size.