View Full Version : Sinar P series info wanted

30-Dec-2017, 16:18
Does anyone know of a post or site that lists the different Sinar P series cameras? Especially interested in knowing what features were changed as time went on. My only experience was with one of the first P models back in the early 1970s.

Alan Gales
30-Dec-2017, 17:43

I heard that the P2 controls were said to be a bit more robust than the levers on the P but I have never heard of anyone having problems with the P. I had a used P and never considered a used P2 due to the much higher price of the P2. I also think silver looks nicer than the black but of course that doesn't really matter.

As far as the P3 goes, it was designed for digital so I would assume that the focussing is tighter. I don't know anything about it.

Tin Can
30-Dec-2017, 18:05
Get P2 only, they made an improvement by getting rid of a P knob doing 2 things poorly.

I switched to Horseman.

Drew Wiley
30-Dec-2017, 19:21
A copy of either the Sinar Code or Sinar Handbook from the same decade gives details. Quite a few changes. The newest ones have finer focus gearing for sake of digital backs which have smaller image area. I have some P2 components, but for general shooting prefer the Sinar Norma, which had its own progressive changes.

31-Dec-2017, 16:59
Thanks for the info. Have been using an 8x10 Sinar Norma since the 1980s. Last week was offered an 8x10 Sinar P with a Sinar shutter at a price that seemed too good to pass up on. After an exchange of Emails with the seller, turns out that the Sinar, best I can tell, must be an early P coming from a studio from the 1980s. Could not get an accurate evaluation of the camera's working condition and the shutter's description sounded like it was broken. Of course the OEM Sinar shutter release cord was not included. Seller was not familiar with photographic equipment but fortunately seemed to be honest in her descriptions. So am sticking with my classic tried and true 8x10 Norma.

Daniel Unkefer
31-Dec-2017, 17:04
Sounds like you made the right decision.