View Full Version : I need securing ring for Alphax lens

25-Dec-2017, 12:56
I need the lens securing ( mounting ) ring for this Alphex shutter lens. Do any of you know where I may be able to find the ring for this lens?
Thank you.

Dan Fromm
25-Dec-2017, 12:58

25-Dec-2017, 13:48
Google: retaining ring

www.grainger.com is good.
No kidding, they work, sometimes with an appropriate washer in front of the thread.


25-Dec-2017, 16:28
The Snap ring is a good idea if I cannot find the proper securing ring.

Chauncey Walden
26-Dec-2017, 15:06
Frankly, it isn't worth it. Use hot glue.

26-Dec-2017, 16:28
Frankly, it isn't worth it. Use hot glue.

I agree about the ring, will be more expensive than the lens/shutter... Hot glue is fine...

These lenses came from Dumont O-sillyscope cameras that were big, and looked like a Flash Gordon space weapon, but will only (barely or not) cover 4X5 at large bellows extensions, so only OK for very close shooting, and not real sharp (but maybe OK for special soft effect C/U's), so don't fall in love with this lens before you use it... ;-) The shutter may be more useful if you mount small barrel, pinhole, or enlarging lenses on it, but give it a try as there's always some special application for any lens somewhere...

(On to the New Year!!!)

Steve K

26-Dec-2017, 16:37
I will be using it for close up work. I bought it as salvage 35 years ago so nothing lost if it does not work well. The self cocking shutter is a plus.