View Full Version : Removing Deardorff sliding board

Donald Hutton
4-Aug-2005, 17:32
Anyone know how to remove the sliding board on the front standard of a Deardorff? Mine seems to be "locked in" at full rise and fall and I can't figure out how to get it clear for a little restoration work....

David G. Gagnon
4-Aug-2005, 18:48

If I remember correctly from when I restored mine, the knurled knob needs to be removed, then the screw taken out from the back of the front frame, then there is a sleeve that the screw went through that needs to come out, and voila, it'll slide right out. I replaced the felt on mine while I had it apart for refinishing. Hope this helps.


Donald Hutton
4-Aug-2005, 19:01
I've tried that and my board will still not slide out! Maybe I'm be too kind...

Tracy Storer
4-Aug-2005, 20:00
You need a little more dis-assembly. Under the plate on the right-hand side of the front standard is a screw that limits the up/down sliding panel. Remove the screw, and the panel will slide right out.
Good luck, Tracy

Donald Hutton
4-Aug-2005, 20:34
Thanks you, thank you... This forum is amazing - when you ask a question, you know you are going to get the right answer...

Tracy Storer
27-Apr-2015, 08:59
Reviewing old threads......sometimes the screw in question is on the right side, sometimes it is on the left, In any event, removing the metal hardware from the wooden frame of the front standard will reveal, on one side or the other, a countersunk, slotted screw head. this is actually a machine screw that functions as the "stop-limit" for rise and fall of the front panel.