View Full Version : Monterey Cypress groves

John Kasaian
22-Dec-2017, 17:06
I like Monterey Cypress groves and while I guess some would find the subject boring the mystery of the monochrome trees often shrouded by fog with their "reach out and grab you" branches never fail to attract my eye. Sadly one favorite grove on private property I always enjoyed has been recently fenced off so is no longer inviting although there are still several groves scattered along the central coast, many being in parks, which are usually busy, or other coastal properties which have accessibility issues (often no available parking)
Over the years I must have covered all the groves between San Mateo and San Luis Obispo counties but I've neglected to take notes (running and gunning with an SLR doesn't promote note taking nor, heaven forbid sketching!) I remember some exceptional groves a wee bit South of Half Moon Bay but parking was the big issue the last time I was in the area as narrow Hwy 1 didn't offer many turnouts along those stretches.
So I was curious, does anyone here have any favorite Monterey Cypress groves they find exceptionally photogenic?

Darren Kruger
22-Dec-2017, 18:18
I enjoy the grove on the bluffs at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.