View Full Version : Microdol-X processing question With X-Ray Film

19-Dec-2017, 15:03
I'm getting ready to do my first large format photography in 15 years.
I've mixed up a gallon of Kodak Microdol-X,which I have a lot of let over. I've mixed it as per the instructions on the can. I have one gallon mixed.
My question how much dilution if any is needed to develop Fuji UM-MA-HC X-ray film for the best results?

30-Dec-2017, 16:23
With no replies, I have tried 7 and 9 minutes so far with good results. I may play with extended development as well.

Tin Can
30-Dec-2017, 17:29
Maybe you have all that's left.

I use Rodinal 1/100 Gas Burst

30-Dec-2017, 17:43
100:1,wow. When you say gas burst, are you timing nitrogen burst?

Tin Can
30-Dec-2017, 17:47
Yes, but not using N2 as it's one shot hangers. Water stop and gas burst TF5 which doesn't need N2 either.

Mark Sampson
30-Dec-2017, 20:57
I have to wonder. "...per the instructions on the can." Kodak hasn't supplied developer in cans since the early 1970s. Glad that you're getting good results from developer made at least 45 years ago!

31-Dec-2017, 08:13
The nice thing about xray film is that you can get yourself a red light and develop under that, which is what I do. Then, the correct time is the time it takes. I think your times from the can are about in the right neighborhood for that developer, but the last time I used it was 1974 :-)