View Full Version : How to mount a fresnel to the Sinar P2 8x10

19-Dec-2017, 14:03
Hi all,

really hope you can help me with this -
I just got a fresnel for my Sinar P2 8x10 with a metering back.

Since Iīve a fresnel for the 4x5 back, I was full of confidence to be able to mount the 8x10 fresnel as well - but I donīt. :rolleyes:

As far as I see, the fresnel needs to be placed under the two latches (on the upper short side, when back is in portrait ortientation), and the fresnel should also slide into a slot on the opposite side.
But there is kind of a stonish material filling the slot, which seems to hold the ground glass in place, and which hinders the fresnel to slide just in. Please see the attached photo...

Is this normal, and do I need the remove this prior mounting the fresnel to the back?

Many thanks in advance for your answer.

All the best,

20-Dec-2017, 10:36
There should be 4 metal clips on the long sides to hold it in

20-Dec-2017, 10:40
Many thanks for your reply.

I think this applies to the older version of the back:

not to the newer one:


20-Dec-2017, 10:50
Ok, I see what you mean
does that material seem like old foam? maybe it's old and needs to be replaced
it's hard to tell what it is from your photo

I use the first version with my p2 8x10 as it's more compact but from memory it should pop in easily under all the clips

20-Dec-2017, 11:03
For my 8x10 Sinar I had to purchase another set of clips that were made to hold down the fresnel atop the GG. I believe them to be original OEM Sinar parts but have no way of confirming that.

20-Dec-2017, 20:29
Have you checked with the vendor that the fresnel is of the correct one for use for P2? Is the fresnel original product or Chinese-produced compatible products? If it is the latter, they seller might have just got the size wrong.