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Kip Duff
4-Aug-2005, 09:02
Hi: I'm new to group- looks excellent!
Havn't shot 55 in 17 years and I can't remember exactly how I cleared the jelly. I have the Yankee tank that I used to use and the 70 oz of Kodak sodium sulfite solution. Most of the jelly won't come off- I have to wipe it off with my fingers. The emulsion is relatively hard and does not fall off in sheets like it used to. It disolves rather than come off in bulk- and it really doesn't disolve all the way: that's why I say I have to massage it off with wet fingers in the SS solution. I am beginning to think it might be a bad box of film because nothing I see in any forums resembles this situation. I have posted to Polaroid directly for help, but no reply yet. Also, when I try to remove film from 545 processor without processing, frequently film does not lift and becomes exposed!? I have ordered the Ansel Adams Polaroid book and should receive it shortly (but I've heard 55 has changed components since his time). I wanted to get some feedback before I buy another box from a different vendor. (I have also posted this at photo.net) Thanks, Kip.

David A. Goldfarb
4-Aug-2005, 09:07
That's how it is. I alternate between a water rinse and the sulfite bath and a little rubbing with my fingertips, and it comes off.

Jerry Flynn
4-Aug-2005, 09:11
I'm having the same issue with the clearing and agree that it does not seem to work like the old days.

As to removing the film from the holder without processing: according to the instructions that came with my holder, while holding the release button in, push the film out of the holder with your thumbs. In other words, you cannot just grab the envelope and pull from the end the way you would when processing.

Donald Hutton
4-Aug-2005, 10:14
Heico Permaclear works a treat for clearing type 55 negs - much better the straight sulfite solution.

4-Aug-2005, 10:30
Let it soak in water for a day first. It'll all come off in that and then your clearing solution will be extended.

Tom Westbrook
4-Aug-2005, 10:51
For me, the goo comes right off using the plain 18% sodium sulfite solution (http://www.tomwestbrook.com/Photography/notebook.html#na2so3). I just stick the sheet in the solution right after pulling it and let it sit for about 30 sec and then slosh it around a bit and the blue-green goo slides right off. I did have a box a while back that was harder to get off, but that was sometime last year. I shot some expired stuff last week (to check GG focus) and it worked fine, too.

BTW, sodium sulfite from the checmical suppliers (like Photographers Formulary) is about half the cost of Kodak's--if you plan on using 55 a lot, that is.

RE removing the film, I almost never process in the field and don't have problems removing the film packet. You are holding the button all the way down, no?

Kip Duff
4-Aug-2005, 13:20
Thanks to group!
Shoulda known- everyone does it a little different. Tom , Jerry.: the exposure problem is intermittent and I deliberately forfeited a sheet or 2 just to practice- lift envelope/drop envelope back down ALL THE WAY/push release lever/attempt to pull up envelope-film assembly, and half the time the film stays (even if I try removing holder and try pushing from bottom as well). With empty holder, I can see that release catch is retracting completely.

I think my problems stem from several factors- fluctuations in film quality and apparently 55 is just that way these days. Trying with new boxes of 55 from alternate sources might settle some issues (kinda high price way to get info). I seem to remember distinctly that the junk used to just fall off on its own completely: oh well. I'm going to try 665 ("2 1/4"" format) and see how it is.

Don: I've tried Heico "Permawash" with no success, but I don't know if you meant Permawash (leaves edges more dense) of if there is a product called Permaclear .

Still appreciate any more info; thanks, Kip.

Pete Watkins
4-Aug-2005, 16:11
I was out "in the field" on Wednesday using up a box of 55 that I had kept from last year. I took a plastic container that was slightly larger than the 55 negs and filled it with water, I also took some kitchen towel cut to the size of the box. As I exposed each sheet I put the neg, including the metal strip into the container and covered it with a piece of kitchen towel. When I got home most of the gunge had dissappeared, the metal strips fell off, and the rest of the gunge came off with a quick rinse in some of last years sodium sulfite soloution. I washed the negs, rinsed them in some de -ioniosed water and hung them up to dry. It worked well.

Bill Jefferson
5-Aug-2005, 03:23
The best way to clear T-55 negs, that i found is to dip the neg in the solution and take it out and let the solution run off one corner, 5 or 6 times and the neg will be clear. wash with warm water, harden if desired.

Bill Jefferson
Sr. Evaluation Tech
Polaroid Corp.

Tom Westbrook
5-Aug-2005, 05:15
Kip, one thing I remember from a while back is that I've gotten boxes of 55 where the metal clips were not as flat as usual and bowed out enough to catch on the holder when pulling it out. I pinched the clips together a bit (don't flatten the little lip at either end, just the fold), which helped make it easier to get the packet out.

Your holder may also need attention. I think Polaroid has a field strip procedure on their web site to take the holder apart to check it out.

Struan Gray
5-Aug-2005, 06:18
My 545 has the same problem as Kip's. I've stripped it down and muddled around with it, but never found a fix. I take the holder off the camera and 'help' the packet out by pushing gently on the film part while pulling the tab.

'Lock and lock' make some nice kitchen containers that are completely watertight - they have an elastomer seal and locking tabs. They're great for carrying around Type-55 negs in the field. See here: www.organize-everything.com/loandlostco8.html.