View Full Version : Pyrocat HD in Glycol Shelf life

George Pappas
17-Dec-2017, 14:44
Good afternoon. I am just getting my darkroom up and running again. I have unopened Pyrocat HD in glycol from 2015. Is it reasonable for this solution to work at full strength when it is 2.5 to 3 yrs old?

Thank you

Rick A
17-Dec-2017, 14:47
Should be 100% if it's in sealed bottles.

Peter Lewin
17-Dec-2017, 15:06
Having read that it can "die" rather suddenly, is there any way to tell other than finding under-exposed negs at your normal processing parameters?

17-Dec-2017, 19:27
On smaller formats a clip test in room lighting is done often to see how fully it develops in the test soup, but it's very cheap in that format...

17-Dec-2017, 21:27

It can die suddenly; had it happen once over all the years I've used it. I look for the color change when mixing. If I don't see the color change to a faint copper color after adding B, I stop and mix up a fresh batch.

18-Dec-2017, 05:13
I have a batch bought last December that appears to be getting more active and creating denser negatives from what I was getting earlier in the year. Has anyone else had this issue.
There is no cross contamination of A and B - separate caps are labeled as are the separate syringes. My garage storage area fluctuates from 40-80 degrees so it could be at fault.
I may order smaller containers next time and keep some indoors.