View Full Version : AtomicX/shanghai developing time

peter schrager
16-Dec-2017, 21:47
I'm taking a wild guess here and assuming the atomicx
Film is shanghai film
Does anyone have developing time for this film ???
This is not a debate whether it is or isn't..just need developing time

Mark Sampson
16-Dec-2017, 22:28
A quick look at digitaltruth.com shows a listing for this film in D-76. A search there may give you some ideas. What does the manufacturer/marketer recommend?

17-Dec-2017, 00:28
There is a thread on Photrio with some ideas including mine in various developers. For me this film is definitely ISO 50 and my best results have been with ID-11, 1:1, 8 minutes.


FWIW New55 suggest using Plus-X developing times.

peter schrager
17-Dec-2017, 06:23