View Full Version : will a screw on polarizer vignette on WA?

Antonio Corcuera
4-Aug-2005, 04:34
Hello all,
I am returning to the LF world (4x5) after some years and I have a question regarding filters. I have read the filter overview and previous posts regarding filters and it ends up like for every photographer there is a filter solution(homemade glued holders, modified cokin P's, fully fledged Lee or Singh Ray systems, etc - makes me a bit dizzy!). I am planning on using wide-angles extensively. I have a Rodenstock 90mm Grandagon-N f:6,8 now and a friend will lend me his Schneider 65mm. I also have 150 and 210 lenses. All have 67mm threads and it would be great to use screw-on glass filters. Question: Will a regular 67mm (ie non-slim) polarizer vignette on the 90mm with "moderate" or no movements?
Thanks in advance,

Jim Rhoades
4-Aug-2005, 05:22
I have the same Rodenstock 90mm. With a 4x5 and "moderate" movements there should be no problem. If you have cut corners on the GG be sure to take a peek stopped down and know for sure. You should really do this at home just so you know how much 'moderate' you can get.

Bob Salomon
4-Aug-2005, 05:47
Probably but "moderate" to one user can be minimal to another and extreme to another.

You should be using either a wide angle polarizer or a step up ring (thin one) to 82 or 86mm and the larger polarizer - slim type. That won't vignette at all.

This is why center filters for your lens are made the same way. Small in back and large in front so they will not vignette unless you use extreme direct displacements.

Antonio Corcuera
4-Aug-2005, 06:58
by "moderate" movements, I mean up to 5 tilt/swing and 15mm rise/fall...

Eric Woodbury
4-Aug-2005, 10:29

I have found in my work that because of the wide angle and large variation of polarization across the scene, that polarizers and wide angles typically don't work well together. If you have sky, for example, there is so much variation in polarization of sky across a wide angle scene, that the sky changes tone too much.