View Full Version : Is the film scanned when importing from US to Europe?

12-Dec-2017, 16:24
I am wondering if the film is scanned with the x-ray machines on the way from US to Europe. Does anybody have any information about this?

12-Dec-2017, 19:53
I have no specific information on this, but I sell Fuji film and ship worldwide, including to the US, Canada, most EU countries, Australia and New Zealand. I have not received any complaints about X-ray damage.


12-Dec-2017, 20:29
As Kumar said, the film is scanned.

The only time I had issues was with Polaroid 803 at 800 ISO that was scanned on it's way from Russia to US. The X-rays had clearly marked the film and the scan pattern was visible. 5 useless boxes. This was 2014.

All my other shipments from around the world were OK so far.


12-Dec-2017, 20:47
I've been importing film routinely from the US to Australia for the last 8 or so years. I've not come across an issue as of yet, but the highest speed film I have imported has been ISO 400.

12-Dec-2017, 20:57
I've shipped 200 rolls of Natura 1600 to the US. No problem. Shipments to Russia have also not been a problem.


Pere Casals
13-Dec-2017, 02:55
Today x-ray machines throw a much smaller x-ray dose than in the past, in the same way DSLRs have better ISO performance it happened with x-ray cameras. Film can be fogged if scanned with very old machines still in service in some remote locations, but today those machines are rare even in remote locations because new gear is cheap today and old systems have high servicing costs and perhaps problems with spares.

If shipped by air it can always be scanned, even for flights inside the same country, to detect explosives or drugs in bags, it is for safety and law enforcement.

Even if shipped by economy ground/sea it can be scanned, normally containers entering and exiting a harbor are x-rayed to detect illegal material like weapons or drugs, undeclared goods, and even people inside the container.