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James Via
3-Aug-2005, 11:15
Anyone using a Wing Lynch model 5 for 4x5 C41 process? I'd like to do my own color negative processing and have a Wing Lynch model 5. It is currently set up for B&W but can be converted and programmed for C41. Before I make the investment in the conversion I'd like to get some feedback. I've used the Wing Lynch in my studio for many years doing E6 and B&W. Never did C41. The approach to my work has changed. I now shoot 4x5 color negatives for much of my work - for all the reasons others shoot negative films, latitude, softer contrast etc. But the real issue here is uniform/even processing of 4x5 sheet film.

Ted Harris
3-Aug-2005, 13:04

I use a Jobo ATL 2300 but have used Wing-Lynch equipment in the past. Since you alrady ahve the investment in the basic processer and the tubes no reason not to go with it. Only caveat is that, while the company is still around, the fiml processing business is sort of a sideline for them these days (at least that is what I understand). You will need to do the numbers. If memory serves it is far easier to switch processes with the current Jobo ATL series machines and if you can get one of these used for reasonable price it might be an optiuon. Barring that I have always felt that the choice between Jobo ATL, Wing-Lynch or PhotoTherm tube processers was a matter of choice and the quality was the same.

James Via
4-Aug-2005, 08:30
Are you processing 4x5 film? If so what tank do you use? What do you think of the smaller Jobo machines. CPE-2 OR CPP -2 ATL-1500
It may be less expensive to aquire one these units instead of adding new tanks/motherboard etc to the Wing Lynch.

Ted Harris
4-Aug-2005, 12:03
Yes, I process 4x5 and also 5x7 in about equal quantities. Beyond that some 120/220 and a small amount of 8x10. The smaller Jobo machines are fine pieces of machinery but of those you mentioned only the CPP2 can handle the 'expert drums' (3000 series tanks) which are far easier to use for sheet film. Additionally, if you are used to the precision and automation of the Wing-Lynch you mayt not be satisfied with the CPE or CPP machines, neither of which is fully automated or capable of the range of adjustments of the ATL 2000 series or the Wing-Lynch. As far as costs go, you may be right but most of the time the CPP's and the ATL 1500 seem to sell in the 1000-1200 range on eBay (and I am not sure I would buy one of these on eBay). Jobo themselves may have a refurb unit at a reasonable price, worth checking.

James Via
4-Aug-2005, 16:03

Thank you, this information will be very helpful.