View Full Version : Free: Ektaflex prof. materials and processor

2-Aug-2005, 20:28
For pickup in Sarasota only. The professional Ektaflex electric motor processor for prints to 13x19, several boxes of film and paper, chemicals. The best archival color process next to Dye Transfer. The photosensitive stuff has been in my freezer all these years and I finally realize that I'll never use it again.

Eric Rose
2-Aug-2005, 21:04
Wow, Ektaflex! Boy that brings back memories. Some of the best color prints I ever made were on Ektaflex materials. They are still as vibrant today as they were then.

tor kviljo
3-Aug-2005, 01:57
No help for me as pickup from my base in Norway would be relatively expensive, but just a few notes on this generous offer: I used ektaflex printmaker 8 (amateur version for 5x7 & 8x10 film/paper) and had a number om memorable evenings using 8x10" ektaflex positive as LF film in my Sinar for still life, having the processor in another room for processing between shots. This worked slower (I belive 30 sec. in activator & 6 minutes lamination time or so) but othervice about the same way as the (hideously expensive) Polaroid 8x10 which is THE thing in 8x10 to work with indoor. My supply (bought cheap when material became obsolete 15 years ago) vent dry, but if I had got the opertunity again, I would very much have wanted to use a pile of ektaflex positive film & paper in 8x10 - this time more thoughtfully within a project to benefit from the spesial (pale) colors I got from my material (due to age of chemistry?). If I recall right: chemistry is a very strong caustic mixture which is supposed to be water-clear, but goes pinkish when exhausted/old. Now, with all those ULF people (is 13x19 a readily accepted ULF format by the way) lurking around in US: this must be the best chance there is to work eit supersize "polacolor" without having to sell the house.....