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5-Dec-2017, 12:01
Hello everybody

I have found a old ULF camera whith suction film or paper holder in. But I am not the pump. I know I can use a vacuum cleaner, but it makes too much noise. I am looking for a pump that could be used. The format is 24X24 "and I would like to suck fiber paper or otho film.
Could you indicated me a model of pump?
Many thanks

Eric Woodbury
5-Dec-2017, 13:18
Put the vacuum cleaner in another room and pipe the vacuum to where you need it. Vacuum cleaners are noisy, but cheap, and move a lot of air. Good luck.

5-Dec-2017, 13:45
A vacuum back requires remarkably little volume. Shop around.

5-Dec-2017, 13:54
Thanks for reply
I know the problems with a vacuum cleaner, and it is not evident to used it. (noise), it is true it' s more cheaper than a pump.
I would like find one. Could give me a brand of pump for that? Do you know where I can find one?

Gary Beasley
9-Dec-2017, 10:55
Look for something like a Robinair high vacuum pump for evacuating ac systems. It may even need a bleed valve to reduce the vacuum because it will pull 28-29hg which is about max you can get without special equipment. You can often find them used pretty cheap.

9-Dec-2017, 11:41
Thank you Gary for these indications.
I will watch
I made a request to a european manufacturer of enlarger: Reinhel.
Im waiting a quote...

9-Dec-2017, 12:56
ebay - ByChrome Vacuum Easel Pump
Or try these folks http://www.ttind.com/vacuum.html

9-Dec-2017, 13:11
Thanks for the link
I have find this pump on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ByChrome-Vacuum-Easel-Pump-115VAC-50-60HZ-LE-42270/381091126197?hash=item58bacd1bb5:g:wWAAAOSwj0NUj1fs
Do you know if it is powerful enough for 20X24 format?

10-Dec-2017, 12:00
I found a pump ByChrome. I bought it. I come back to you when I tested it...
thanks a lot for your help