View Full Version : 5x7 Ansco lensboards

Nick Morris
2-Aug-2005, 12:27
Hello. I just bought a grey Ansco 5x7 that came with 5x7 and 4x5 backs, and an Ilex 191mm f4.5 Paragon lens. However, I have several lenses I want to use with this camera, and need some lensboards. I measured the lensboard that it came with at 5 1/4" square.

Does anyone know what other cameras' lensboard will fit, and also a good source for lensboards for this camera? My previous source is no longer in business.

Thank you.

MIke Sherck
2-Aug-2005, 12:53
Try Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange. They are also easy to make: I'm no engineer but I managed to fabricate three or four of them, all of which worked fine.

Michael Kadillak
2-Aug-2005, 15:14
Quickest and most cost effective solution is to make them for yourself. If you do not have the power tools, the know how or know someone that does, check with local continuing education centers in your area and talk to the wood worker instructor. Chances are when he sees how one dimensional is your request, he will probably just tell you the material to acquire and let you come in one evening to knock out a dozen.

Richard Ritter makes lens boards but it takes time and they are not cheap, but reasonable.


John Kasaian
2-Aug-2005, 15:29
A 24- pack for the local high school woodshop teacher will probably get you all the lensboards you can use ;-)

Steve Feldman
2-Aug-2005, 16:07
If you still need a "camera brand" board - B & J (Burke & James) is a match. I could use a few myself. Matte black on the back. Battleship grey on the front.

Nick Morris
2-Aug-2005, 19:03
Thanks to all. I do not see them up for auction very often. Maybe its just a dry spell. Boards for my Super Graphic and 6x6 boards for my 8x10 have been available when I wanted them, but even those appear to be less plentiful now.

I could make them, but I hate taking what little time I have for photography, and applying it to something else. I'm not in a rush for them, I'm still able to lug around the 8x10, which is my first love when it comes to making pictures. Again, thanks for the suggestions. Best wishes to all.