View Full Version : Questions about older C.P. Georz Berlin Dagor

Ron Whitaker
2-Oct-1999, 19:44
I have an older C.P. Goerz Berlin Dagor 210mm lens for my 4x5 camera. On the len s, it also reads "Ser. III" and the number is 60499. Does anyone know if these lenses are coated--either single or double, if at all?

Will this lens cover 8x10? 11x14? What is its image circle size? What is the difference between the Berlin Dagors and the American-made Dagors? Do both basi cally have the same coverage?

I'm wondering when the Berlin Dagors were made.

Thanks for any help.


Erik Ryberg
3-Oct-1999, 13:42

You have a very nice lens. It will cover 8x10 barely. You might notice some softness in the corners. A 7" Dagor covers the format, but with absolutely no movements available and soft corners.

I can't tell you about the coating. Look through it and if there is a slight purple hue it's coated. I think though none of the Berlin Dagors were coated. I could be wrong about that. But the dagor design really doesn't benefit as much as others from coating due to few air/glass surfaces. I have a coated and an uncoated dagor and I use them both with equal joy. Try it out - I'm sure you will be pleased with this legendary lens.

3-Oct-1999, 23:40
Hi Ron, I have the Goerz double anastigmat which is the dagor design. I imagine you can get a fairly good approximation of image diameter by setting the camera on your tripod with bellows collapsed and back off the camera; point out a sunlit window then move a piece of wax paper or something back and forth to see where the sharp edge is. As with Erik's comments, I think these lenses make especially fine photographs. Sometimes now when I see a certain quality in a photograph I like in a mag; I seem to think I can recognize it was made with a Dagor. Someone said Series III means it has a 70 degree view angle. mine is 70183, and I found the factory numbers on the large format home page. I think it indicated mine was made 1908. Good luck, and if you are someone who doesn't like the Dagor look let me know before you sell your lens. David