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1-Dec-2017, 13:14
I have a couple of lens boards where the felt light seals are worn out from decades of use and dry desert air.
Can I use 1MM thick felt and double-sided tape to reapply the felt to allow a good light tight seal again?
Always open to your ideas.

1-Dec-2017, 13:38
Maybe. How thick was the old felt? Was it about 1mm?

I try to replace felt with the same type and thickness as what came off it, accounting for the fact that the old felt will likely be a bit compressed and not as fluffy as it once was. Then I use rubber cement to bond them.

1-Dec-2017, 16:24
If you attach the felt with Pliobond, you can probably pull it off if it doesn't work right and you want to change it. Pliobond is used in the camera repair industry to attach leatherette to camera bodies because it can be easily removed.

It's available from Amazon and elsewhere. Excellent adhesive.

- Leigh

1-Dec-2017, 17:40
I have a bottle of it now. I will use it. Thank you.

2-Dec-2017, 05:39
If you don't mind, which lens boards have felt light seals?


2-Dec-2017, 07:32
Lens board fits a Graphic View. Unknown maker as there are no marks. Board is made of a Mahogany laminate.

2-Dec-2017, 09:05
Probably they are like I make for my own use. I use adhesive-backed felt from Dick Blick.