View Full Version : Large format uranotype kickstarter

1-Dec-2017, 11:52
Saw this in the Beau Photo newsletter this month. I have no affiliation to this project but I think it's really cool and would be of interest to members here. I plan on backing it.


2-Dec-2017, 12:30
It is interesting and I for one hope that the project is funded. However there appears to be very little interest among photographers in uranium printing even though uranyl nitrate is available for purchase. For a look into the possibilities of the Uranotype, see the thread http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?132537-The-Uranotype-Thread. In addition to exploring the historic mines and elaborating on the impact they had on the surrounding communities, he will be making autoradiograms using Uranotype. This entails using uraninite, or pitchblende, which is far more radioactive than uranyl nitrate which is "depleted" uraninite - Madam Curie died of Aplastic Anemia from working with pitchblende - but the resulting prints could be interesting.


10-Dec-2017, 11:33
Twelve days to go and it doesn't look like he's going to make it.


20-Dec-2017, 12:28
Well, he made it after all:

*** UPDATE 12/20/2017 WE MADE IT!
It's hard to describe how I am feeling right now, I am just so grateful to everyone that contributed to this campaign and this project: family, friends (new and old) and organizations that gave their pledges and their support!