View Full Version : ideas for changing diameter on roller blind shutter?

30-Nov-2017, 13:05
I have a T-P type roller blind shutter.Yup, they're old. but its' the one shutter I've got for a bunch of brass lenses I'm experimenting with.

It has a large hole, and is quite big, front mounting. I'd like to use it for a smaller lens than was on the camera it came with.
does anyone have a DIY way to make some sort of gasket for the inside of the hole? To make it sit properly and not have it fall off. I've tried a variety of ways, but short of taping it to the lens and lining the inside of the hole with something to make it smaller, I'm not coming up with any ideas.


Steven Tribe
30-Nov-2017, 16:39
The most common T-P shutter type was that designed to fit on the front of the standard. There was a rectangular removeable thin lens board which was mounted by simple brass lugs. The owners of many lenses had duplicate lens boards- with different sized openings which matched the brass flange size for these different lenses.

I suppose you could make a series of thin adapter boards with suitable holes (rubber/foam lined) to fit your lenses' hood diameters?

30-Nov-2017, 21:50
This one has no lugs of any kind. It was mounted on the lens when I bought the camera. Just for interest Steven, it is the Swift shutter that came with my Challenge

1-Dec-2017, 06:50
PIcs would help a lot.

Steven Tribe
1-Dec-2017, 07:14
Yes photos please.

Well, the "Challenge" is living up to its name!

1-Dec-2017, 18:35
Here are a couple of photos...
I think the lens actually is too big and heavy for the little Challenge. I was thinking of putting a small wheel stop brass lens( much lighter but with 4 x 5 capability) I have on it and doing some glass plates or paper negatives, save shooting film for one of my other cameras.
but...I like a "Challenge" haha :-)
I'd like to at least get this shutter to stay on for an experience of what it was like. Come to think of it..the shutter looks really big for the camera too. Was it perhaps meant for a bigger camera?172517172518
The black connector you see was something I made up with an enlarger part and cardboard taped on with hockey tape. Not good enough.

and yes, I said with hockey tape. What can I say, I'm Canadian!

Steven Tribe
2-Dec-2017, 02:45
Yes it is big! It was made for BIG lenses and/or BIG cameras! I can't see the controls on the shutter but I don't think T-Ps can be used behind the front standard like Packard and Grundner shutters. It is unsuitable for your planned use, but would be a useful buy for someone with a heavy/large Petzval on a solid lens board. The "proceeds" would provide funding for a couple of smaller T-P shutters which match the brass lenses you plan on using on the challenge.

2-Dec-2017, 09:10
I thought it was too large. I have no idea what to ask for something like this, if I went ahead and offered it for someone with a larger camera. Hmmm should go through the listings and compare.

Jim Andrada
3-Dec-2017, 21:19
If you have room you could mount it on a carrier that clamps to the camera bed/frame and put a piece of large diameter PVC pipe on the back that just surrounds whatever lens you want to use. If you wanted to get fancy you could come up with a fabric "sock" of some kind that would tie around the lens.