View Full Version : Lens choices for Busch Pressman

29-Nov-2017, 08:56
I've recently picked up a Pressman at an incredibly low price, in decent shape. I'll go through the Kalart and get it cleaned up, but otherwise, except for a crack in the ground glass, great shape for less than $100.

I'm looking at a few different choices for a lens to use for this for portable use. I know that 127mm Ektars and similarly sized Xenars were pretty common, but with no coverage to speak of. I know of a 6in. Dagor in a Rapax for less than $200, and have also considered other Xenars, Fujis, Symmars and Nikons in 120mm to 150mm size. Any suggestions or real gems for the intended use that I should consider? I have two lens boards for this on the way, in #0 and #1 Copal, and am mindful of the size limitations that the Pressman imposes.



29-Nov-2017, 10:03
150 Fujinar
Inexpensive and very small

Jim Noel
29-Nov-2017, 10:34
Take the Dagor. It is a great lens, one of my favorites, at a great price.

29-Nov-2017, 11:03
A Fuji W 135 would be a nice modern lens -- one just sold here, but he also has a Nikon 135mm for $150. And a Schneider 135mm

Chauncey Walden
29-Nov-2017, 11:21
When I had a Pressman Model D my battery was a 90mm Schneider Angulon, a 150mm Schneider Symmar S, and a 210mm Rodenstock Geronar. Both the Angulon and the Geronar can be had for a bargain but are highly capable.