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27-Nov-2017, 22:49
I am considering buying a Schneider 110mm Super Symmar XL. The lens is suffering from quite a bit "Schneideritis" on the front element. It looks more like tiny bubbles rather than flakes. In fact nothing in there looks like flakes.

The rear element has what appears to be a scratch in the coating (not a nick in the glass). The scratch won't come out with cleaning solution. I can't seem to find a definite answer as to whether or not the Schneideritis affects image quality but what about the scratch in the rear coating?

I'm new to LF and am shopping for my first lens. I have never used a lens with a scratch on the rear element for any of my 35mm and MF work so I have no idea what affect it may have on an image. I imagine any affects might be greatly exaggerated with LF...

Should I stay away entirely or if I can get it for a good price, should I go for it?

Any input is much appreciated!

28-Nov-2017, 03:17
From everything I have read and my own personal experience, Schneideritis only affects the price of the lens not the image quality. I have gotten some great lenses at excellent prices because of it. A coating mark should not affect the image either.

Doremus Scudder
28-Nov-2017, 04:52
If the scratch is large enough to scatter a lot of light, it may cause some ghosting/flare. However, you can always just paint over the scratch with some opaque flat black paint and solve that problem. Unless the scratch is very large, there is enough light coming through the rest of the lens to form a fine image with no appreciable loss of intensity.



28-Nov-2017, 09:44
That's my experience with tiny or small scratches (e.g., from rubbing marks) in the glass coatings on either front or rear lens elements - I haven't seen any evidence of them in my films or prints. I even have a Fujinon A 240mm lens with a very tiny scratch in the glass of the rear element that is associated with a blemish (rubbing mark?) in the coating, but even with that I don't see any trace of those imperfections in images made with that lens.

28-Nov-2017, 09:49
It should not affect images. That said, I'd not pay more than 80% of the value of a mint one for such a lens with those condition issues.

Jim Andrada
28-Nov-2017, 14:34
And India Ink can work as well as paint to "fix" scratches and chips